Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Big Boy Is 11 months!

My Preston miracle is almost 11 months old now!  It's been a while since I've updated, but mostly I've been seriously busy.  This little monkey decided he wanted to keep up with his older brother and sister and start walking at 8 months old!  People would laugh because he is small for his age, and he's walking so young.  People said he looked like a little alien with his big head and small body walking around like an adult.

Another thing my little man loves to do is yell at my TV.  We have an Xbox 360, and my husband set it up to have voice activation.  Preston stops everything he's doing just to yell "EX" at the TV.  It's also a good way to get him to stop what he's doing.  Use an Xbox command on him.  It will make him laugh, no fail!

He also waves at strangers and makes friends everywhere he goes.  He wants to be with his brother and sister, and he calls for them with a sharp "AH" to get their attention.  Today, he has 5 teeth.  A 6th tooth is on it's way, and interrupting his sleep.  He already has bad sleeping habits for being nearly one, but we are trying to fix that by giving him a bottle of formula along with some breast milk before bed.  Sometimes it works.  

His first birthday party is next month, and we are throwing a big one!  No matter how many kids you have, you have to celebrate the first!  We rented a party hall and I will be sending the invites this week.  

Now for some shameless pictures!

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