Monday, March 11, 2013

Time for another update!

Time for another monthly update to my on-going IUD pregnancy!
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Part three:

Sorry for all of the links.  As of now, I am doing a monthly update.  At the end of August, I hope with all of my heart to be able to condense everything into one long happy ending story.

I had my 16 week ultrasound last week.  Just as I was formulating something to say in an update, the whole house came down with some yucky virus.  Sometimes I would rather everyone be sick at the same time, instead of this consecutive illnesses business where I lose a week's worth of solid sleep.  Not only did the kids get sick, but I got sick too.  I'm starting to think that round ligament pain is the devil's work.  Sneeze - OWWW!

Melinda remembered me by face this time.  I guess I am one of her more memorable patients these days.  She measured and checked, and asked me if my cyst pain is less.  She said that it has shrunk a little, thank goodness, but its not gone yet.  But because it's getting smaller, no one is really going to care much.  Then she asked me if I'm feeling the baby much yet.  Well, of course I am!  It's my third pregnancy and first posterior placenta pregnancy.  I can't feel the baby all day all the time yet.  Soon!  She then told me that the baby is now much bigger than the IUD, and the IUD is still in the same spot.  In her opinion, she doesn't see how it could move at this point.  It appears to be pressed right up against the uterine wall.  YAY!  Keep growing little baby!!  The baby is still measuring right on schedule, good solid heart beat.  She told me that I should bring my daughter with me to the next ultrasound.  I'm not sure...she's still 3 and would be more interested in opening cabinets than looking at an ultrasound machine.  It was a nice offer though.  And that was that.  Short and sweet.  Everyone knows what they are looking for, nothing has changed except the baby is bigger and stronger.  Then I treated myself to a delicious tuna melt for lunch before I went home.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see my OB this week.  This yucky virus kept me from leaving the house.  The receptionist offered to reschedule the next day, but since I am feeling the baby move every day, I decided to wait until my next regular appointment date.  She did tell me that the ultrasound results came back with no concerns and everything looking great.  However, next week I have to start getting blood taken regularly for my ITP condition.  (I have lower white blood cells than the normal person, but they are just borderline numbers.  It can cause problems in pregnancy, but hasn't in either of my pregnancies before, so I don't suspect it'll make a difference this time.)  That means monthly, then bi-weekly blood tests.  My poor veins!  I can't always give blood from my left arm, and sometimes not from my right arm.  The techs sometimes have to take it from my hands or wrists.  By the end of both of my pregnancies, I started looking like a rookie heroin user.

I've been feeling so confident about this pregnancy now that I officially announced it on Facebook last week! I wasn't sure I was going to because of the increased risks, and because of the stigma associated with having more than 2 babies.  But I can't help it!  I'm so happy to be having this little miracle baby!  This is what I posted:

I was very pleased with the response!  Some people made their own special congratulations to their news feeds, and a couple of my cousins unexpectedly shared my photo.  It made me feel so very special and happy that other people want to share in our excitement.  However, I did not share the details of the IUD to the Facebook world.  I wouldn't really know how to do that anyway!  At this point, it doesn't really matter.  I will share that bit of information to those I feel comfortable telling.  I guess it's not different than sharing gestational diabetes or a cerclage.  It's no one's business, right?  Besides, I already know what it's like having to shoulder other people's reactions to the risk.  I'm not that interested in doing that unless I have to.

I forgot to mention one last thing.  Though I have to wait until 19 or 20 weeks for a true anatomy scan, Melinda did tell me what she thought the gender is...Interested in knowing?

It's a BOY!

We are very excited!  We would be excited either way, but if it's a boy, it makes staying in our three-bedroom that much more easy.  That way the two youngest boys can share a room until we can afford a bigger house.  My daughter is a little disappointed.  She wanted a sister.  But I think she is the type of girl who will do better ruling two brothers instead of fighting with a sister.

I would like to finish this post by saying a great big thank you to all of the ladies from BabyCenter who have read my blog.  The lovely words of encouragement and comfort have meant more than I can explain.  And I am also very happy that my words have provided inspiration to other women going through the same situation as me.  All of you strong mamas should know how awesome you are for choosing the life of your baby over the risks to yourself, and the stress and uncertainty will all be worth it when after all of this is over we are all holding our beautiful bundles of joy.  Also, my heart goes out to all of the mamas who have lost their babies due to an IUD failure.  If you lost your baby, you live in the US, and you had a Mirena, please look into the class action suit being launched.  I'm sorry to Paragard users.  That company crossed all their Ts and dotted their Is, so they can only be individually prosecuted.  It makes me sick, but it's true. There are also Facebook groups to join for more support.

See you again after my anatomy scan in 3 weeks!  Here's hoping the baby will still be a boy!


  1. Great update! So very glad to hear things are going so well! Congrats on the possibility of another boy! *fingers crossed*

    (follower from BabyCenter)

  2. I'm so glad you're having a healthy pregnancy up to this point - so excited that it's another little boy!! I've read all your posts and I feel for you; I'm hoping everything goes well for you and your family!